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Estate Management
Estate Management
Estate Management

Estate Management served with Excellence and Integrity

Located in Glenwood Springs serving Aspen, Basalt and Glenwood Springs areas

About MM-Eight Estate Management

After many years of MM-Eight Construction building and remodeling world-class homes, one question kept coming up from the owners; “Who can we trust to manage our property and treat it like we would”?

This was concerning because these clients had become our friends and we genuinely cared about them, their families and their homes. 

Meeting the Need

Realizing we not only had the knowledge and understanding of their homes from a constructional side, but we could also be an integral part in the care, safety and upkeep of their home away from home.

We could offer peace of mind to know their estate was in capable, caring hands.

From this realization MM-Eight Estate Management was born.  We now service homes of all different sizes, needs and locations in the Roaring Fork Valley!

About MM-Eight Construction